Organic Waste Recycling

At Hidelow ALL your solid organic waste is ecologically disposed-of and doesn't end up in the dustbin. 

  1. Bokashi - is using specially impregnated 'bokashi' bran in airtight bins to turn food scraps into rich compost. After two weeks the micro-organisms have worked their magic so the contents can be transferred to a compost heap or dug into the garden. The liquid bi-product is a very nutritious plant feed and can also be used to prevent algae build-up and odours in drains.

    The term 'Bokashi' originated in Japan with the work of Prof. Teruo Higa who developed EM (Effective Micro-organisms) Technology in 1982.

  2. Green cone at HidelowGreen Cones - Use different micro-organisms over a period of a few weeks to reduce organic waste to a liquid, which is subsequently absorbed into the surrounding soil. You will see Green cones scattered about Hidelow, waiting to be filled.

    Green Cones operate most efficiently during the warmer months. From late Autumn through to early Spring however, they
    are less active and less able to cope with the volume of organic waste we throw at them. So we have augmented them with:

  3. Wormery at Hidelow (Bokashi Bin in the foreground)A Wormery  - Which uses a workforce of worms in a recycled plastic bin to turn organic waste into worm casts, which is the most amazing compost. You, our guests, feed the bokashi bins; we feed the wormery with the resulting mash.

    A Wormery has many advantages over the other 2 systems, including being much more fun. Just ask if you'd like to see the worms at work.

  4. Fisherman's Bait - Bring your own box and we'll give you some worms!