Leslie's Sample Dinner Party Menu 1

£25 per person

(including service)

Please select up to 2 choices from each section for your dinner party

First courses

Creamy tomato and lemon soup

Spiced avocado, mango and tomato salad in a lime dressing

Smoked haddock and mushroom tart or

Smoked salmon and watercress tart

with mixed leaf salad

Main courses

Salmon, red pepper, spinach and mushroom in puff pastry

Catalan beef, a robust dish with bacon, tomato and saffron cooked in white wine

Horseradish beef cooked with mushrooms and sour cream

Chicken breasts cooked in cider with marinated prunes and celery

Classic coq-au-vin

Levantine lamb pie; aromatic lamb and spinach in filo pastry

Navarin of lamb, tomato, carrots and rosemary in red wine

Babotie, the South African classic; mildly curried, fruity lamb with savoury custard top

Rich tomato pork with red wine, beans and oregano

Three cheese, aubergine and spinach tart


Raspberry and hazelnut meringue gateau

Walnut and coffee meringue gateau with bitter chocolate sauce

Apricot, almond and chocolate gooey meringue

Lemon roulade with summer fruit sauce

Seville orange marmalade and almond tart

Ginger and coffee ice-cream slice

Hereford apple, blackberry and cider syllabub trifle

Subject to a deposit when booking
Please place your order with Leslie and pay her direct

(Winter 2010)

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