Our licensed shop is conveniently placed close by the cottages for purchasing emergency supplies or presents to take home. We always have a selection of basic local produce such as eggs, milk, butter, honey, Pauline's jams and marmalade; also you can order bread, bacon, sausages and ham for your arrival.

You will also find locally produced wines, beers and ciders and Fair Trade tea and coffee in the Shop .

We use only ecological cleaning products and recycled paper on-site and you can find a selection of what you might need in the Shop too (loo rolls, laundry tabs and dishwasher tablets etc).

Pauline's Home-cooked Freezer Meals, Just Rachel & Bennetts Farm ice creams and Dorothy's Steamed Puddings (which you can buy in advance of your holiday if you wish) can also be bought from the freezers in the Shop when you are here. These are a popular option for the evening of arrival with many guests, or are very useful as a stand-by if you just don’t feel like cooking after a day out. These are all made from locally sourced ingredients - freshly prepared and frozen.

If you would like to order any food from the shop before you come, just let us know and you will find it in your fridge when you arrive!

Click here to print: Freezer Meals Menu & Order Form

Order Form for Breakfast Hamper