Access Statement For Hidelow Lodge 

Hidelow Lodge is graded M2, V1 and H1 (National Accessible Scheme).

All accommodation in Hidelow Lodge is on the ground floor.

Hidelow Lodge is a detached stone self-catering cottage, accommodating a maximum of 5 people, suitable for a wheelchair user and their assistant. It is a new building replacing the old barns belonging to the original farm. When building Hidelow Lodge we wanted to create an accessible cottage so we ensured that the finished cottage would be spacious enough for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre easily thus Hidelow Lodge has ramped access and the accommodation is all on one level.

We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement, if you have any queries please do call or e-mail us. We look forward to welcoming you.

We have our own website and are also listed on

  • Bookings / enquiries can be made online, via email, fax, phone.

  • The nearest bus stop is 400 yards away in Acton Green but buses do not run from here regularly and usually are not adapted for wheelchair users. A better bus-stop with more frequent services is in Bromyard, 5 miles away and would require other transport to reach it; we have telephone numbers for accessible taxis if one is required.

  • The nearest train station (Malvern Link) is 7 miles away; there are usually taxis at the station however it is recommended to book accessible taxis in advance; we have numbers for accessible taxis if one is required.

  • We offer the facility to hire wheelchairs and other aids and also equipment (such as electric beds, profile mattresses and hoists), please ask for a price list when booking.

  • We can arrange for shopping to be delivered, please advise us of your requirements. We can also arrange for some freezer meals as well as beverages from the shop to be in the cottage when you arrive, please ask for a menu and order form.

 Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • Private gravel car parking at the front of the cottage with space for two vehicles.

  • Guests are able to park so that doors/ramps can be opened onto a hard paved path.

  • Vehicles are also able to park so that there is ample access to the rear of the vehicle.

  • The path leads directly onto a ramp with a 1:20 gradient which is wide enough for a wheelchair to operate easily, the ramp also has handrails on either side so that those who have difficulty walking have plenty of support.

  • The ramp leads to an entrance that opens directly into the living room with no steps or lips to manoeuvre around.

  • Other parking is available although this is gravel parking further away from the cottage and we would prefer a maximum of two vehicles for this particular cottage.

  • There is also a rear entrance to the cottage that opens onto a patio, however most guests prefer to use the front entrance as it is easier to manoeuvre around and closer to the parking area.

  • The both the front and rear entrances have passive infra-red lights that are activated at night for your safety.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • The entrance at the front has no steps.

  • The door is 82cm wide and is hinged on the left.

  • Inside the front entrance is the lounge, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom radiating from it.

  • The entrance at the rear has level entry from the parking area via a paved passage-way. This entrance provided is a single door entry and is 80cm wide and slightly sloping (with handrails on either side).

  • Inside the rear door is the dining room

Dining Room and Lounge

  • The dining room has a doorway (width 80cm) (no door) to the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms (width 85cm) and a door to the kitchen (width 80cm).

  • Table (immoveable) legs on each corner, 65cm floor to lowest point of table (underspace), 2.4 metres long, 1.2 metres wide and 80cm high, we also provide table raisers on request for aid with wheelchair users. Cut-out on one lon side of table allows wheelchair positioning (clearance 75cm to floor).

  • Free space between table and walls is 95cm either side and 2 metre at the top of the table.

  • Chairs (all moveable) - 6 chairs with padded seat which have no arms.

  • There is a large free space at the end of the table to allow entry through the front door.

  • Flooring is short pile carpet.

  • Furniture is moveable and there are plenty of non feather cushions provided.

  • Easy chairs provide armed alternatives (non feather filling)

  • Digital TV with integrated Freeview and Teletext provided with remote control (also available are DVD, stereo with CD)


  • Kitchen entrance 80cm from corridor and 78cm from lounge

  • Worktop height 93cm.

  • Oven door is drop down, height of lowest shelf 1.12 metres, can be accessed from the side

  • Sink is 88cm high with no clear height under space.

  • Hob is 93cm high

  • Flooring is made up of short pile carpet.

  • There is a small kitchen table 1m by 2 m, 80cm high.

  • Evenly lit kitchen with spotlights above work surfaces where required

  • Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces

  • Fridge freezer, highest shelf in fridge 87cm and lowest drawer in freezer 95cm.

  • Large cutlery and utensils available to aid dexterity

WC & Bathrooms

Twin room -  En-suite Wet Room

  • Door width 80cm

  • Large wet room with toilet, basin and shower, a plastic shower chair can be provided if required.

  • Free space in shower room (free of doors and furniture) is 2.1 by 2.8 metres

  • Toilet seat height 46cm

  • Space to left of toilet is 83cm, no available space to the right

  • There are support rails available - 2 vertical next to the basin, one vertical on left entry to the shower, 1 horizontal rail to left of shower controls, 1 horizontal to the right of the toilet and one vertical to the left of the toilet.


  • Door width 76cm wide

  • Bathroom contains, bath, shower, toilet, and wash basin

  • Bath with flexible shower over.

  • Bath height is 46 cm. Integral bath rails available on both sides

  • Available space free of door and furniture 1.9 by 3.1 metres

  • Short pile carpet flooring

  • Good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture

  • Release mechanism on outside of locked door


  • Room combinations: 1 accessible twin room, 1 double room with additional single bed.


  • Non Feather duvets and pillows can be provided in each room.

  • Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are poly-cotton or cotton.

Double room

  • Door width 85cm

  • Separate bathroom

  • Largest transfer space available to left of double bed is 1.2metres

  • Largest transfer space available to right of double bed is 1 metre

  • Bed height 48cm floor to top of mattress.

  • Beds are movable if more space is required

  • Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 150cm by 210cm

  • Door to patio with slight ramp down.

Twin room

  • Door width 85cm

  • Ensuite wet-room

  • Largest transfer space available to left of one bed is 1.2metres

  • Largest transfer space available to right of other bed is 1 metre

  • Bed height 48cm floor to top of mattress. Height can be raised if advised before arrival.

  • Beds are movable if more space is required

  • Chair with rigid arms

  • Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 150cm by 210cm


  • There is a separate laundry which is situated next to the main office.


  • The shop is situated to the left of the office and can be accessed from the cottage via a paved wheelchair-friendly pathway.

  • The shop has oak flooring and all units are accessible to wheelchair users, with plenty of turning space.

  • A computer is available for internet access and is set on a corner desk, space underneath the surface.

Grounds and Gardens

  • Large private garden (grassed) which can be accessed by steps or along a ramp 1:35 with a slightly uneven surface (old paving slabs).

  • Large paved patio overlooking the gardens.

  • Recycling area can be accessed by a hard paved pathway, no steps

Additional Information inc. Outdoor and Leisure Facilities

  • Access to children's play area on a slightly sloping lawn with swings, climbing frame and slide.

  • Also provided outside are one large wooden table 1.8m long and 0.7m wide, 6 armed wooden chairs and a barbecue.

Additional Information
Guest Information folder is produced in size 14 font (can be increased on request)

  • A disabled access directory has also been produced to aide disabled visitors in choosing where to visit in the surrounding area based on levels of accessibility. This has been produced by collating questionnaires and feedback from previous guests and is continually updated.

  • Electrical appliances and taps have on/off and hot/cold bumpons or tactile markers.

  • Light switches and power points at a prescribed height for wheelchair users to reach from sitting.

  • Reasonable mobile phone reception

  • Wireless internet connection

  • Some assistance aids are supplied for guests who suffer from dexterity problems e.g. arthritis. We provide large cutlery, plug attachments (to aid use of plugs), key attachment to aid with operating locked doors, easy use utensils in kitchen e.g. can opener, scissors

Contact Information

  • Address: Hidelow House Cottages, Acton Beauchamp, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR6 5AH

  • Telephone: 01886 884547

  • Fax: 01886 884095

  • Email:

  • Website:

  • Hours of operation: Phones - 8.30-21.00 every day

  • Local carers- contact Pauline or Stuart on 01886 884547

  • Local equipment hire companies: TPG 01432 351666

  • Local public transport numbers: Bus 0870 Train 0870

  • Local accessible taxi numbers: The Accessible Taxi 01

  • Local Tourist Information Centre: TIC 01684 892289

Future Plans
We are continually improving our services and cottages as a result of guest feedback.

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01886 884547 or email     

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