Alycia is in a quiet semi-residential location on the outskirts of Dalyan, with lovely open views as far as the surrounding mountains and to the cliffs on the far side of the river, where you can also see the Lycian Rock Tombs high up in the rock face.

Dalyan is remarkable for a number of reasons. It is a World Heritage Site, Dalyan's famous Iztuzu beach being protected for nesting loggerhead turtles. Dalyan is steeped in ancient history and there are many important archaeological sites in the immediate area. Additionally the Dalyan River is famous not only for barbecues and boat trips but also for its hot springs and mud baths. There is so much to see and do that 2 weeks is really not long enough. Especially when I expect you would like to sunbathe as well!

Our Villa is about 200 metres from the banks of the Dalyan River, five minutes' walk from the best of Dalyan's restaurants (wonderfully located at the riverside, with seating on the boardwalk right on the river's edge and the best-ever views of the illuminated Rock Tombs at night), three minutes' walk to 2 local 'corner shops' and a five minute walk into town.

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